Choose the appropriate vibration isolator according to the actual selection of the equipment

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2021-02-02 00:00

Vibration isolators are often used when installing mechanical equipment, and the use of this equipment can effectively alleviate the vibration that occurs when the equipment is running. In addition, vibration isolators come in various forms such as damping springs, rubber, etc., which can be used in various fields to meet greater needs. Among them, spring isolators play a very important role in modern industrial production and life.


When designing a vibration isolator, it is often necessary to consider many factors. For example, the weight and volume standards must be considered, the vibration damping characteristics required by the vibration isolator must also be considered, and the future environmental usage must also be considered. Vibration isolator equipment has load capacity, so its load should be considered when designing, so as to avoid the problem of too much load in the future use.


In addition, the amount of vibration reduction should be considered in the design process of the vibration isolator to meet the application requirements. Fans, air conditioners, and other equipment often use vibration isolators. At present, there are also many types of vibration isolators, which cannot be used casually. Choose the appropriate one according to the actual choice of equipment.


The shell and spring parts of the vibration isolator need to go through special treatment processes, such as paint treatment, galvanizing and zinc-aluminum treatment, which can prevent excessive corrosion of the equipment and prolong the time of using the vibration isolator. However, when handling it, zinc and zinc plating Aluminum treatment is better than paint treatment.


Vibration isolators are widely used in many fields. Whether it is sailing or aviation, especially the machinery manufacturing industry are used. According to the laws of mechanics, the greater the power, the greater the vibration, and the longer the duration of the power, the more vibration isolators are needed. For example, trains, airplanes, ships, etc. need to install vibration isolators on the power system engines. In particular, the power required by ships, etc. must increase their transmission devices. If stability is required, the power attenuation caused by vibration should be minimized. Therefore, we should choose a suitable vibration isolator according to the mode of movement and the magnitude of the resulting vibration.

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