Application of different reclaimed rubber in rubber shock absorber

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2021-02-20 00:00

Rubber shock absorbers are usually made of raw rubber, but raw rubber is expensive. Under the premise of not affecting the quality, reclaimed rubber can be mixed appropriately to reduce production costs. Choosing a good reclaimed rubber in actual production can not only effectively reduce production costs, but also improve product performance and processing technology. So, what kind of reclaimed rubber can be used for rubber shock absorbers?


1. Combination of natural rubber and reclaimed latex rubber


Natural rubber is a kind of rubber with good comprehensive properties. It has high mechanical properties, good elasticity, low heat generation, tear resistance, fatigue resistance, etc. It is widely used in the production of rubber shock absorbers, but natural rubber Poor aging resistance.


Latex reclaimed rubber is processed from waste natural rubber products, retaining some of the characteristics of natural rubber, good aging resistance and good plasticity, natural rubber and latex reclaimed rubber are used together to produce rubber shock absorbers, which can reduce production costs , Improve the aging resistance and fatigue resistance of products, and extend the service life. When designing the formula, an effective vulcanization system can be used to improve the heat resistance of the product.


2. Combined use of nitrile rubber and nitrile reclaimed rubber


For rubber shock absorbers in some special occasions, nitrile rubber should be selected as the raw material in an oil-resistant environment, and nitrile rubber has good oil resistance.


The combined use of nitrile rubber and nitrile reclaimed rubber can improve the mixing process, improve the dynamic performance of the rubber compound, and reduce production costs. When designing the formula, high wear-resistant carbon black can be added to improve the abrasion resistance of the rubber. Increase the elastic modulus of the product, and appropriately increase the plasticizer to improve the stress relaxation.


3. Combined use of ethylene propylene rubber and ethylene propylene reclaimed rubber


When the rubber shock absorber requires weather resistance and aging resistance, it can be produced with ethylene propylene rubber or neoprene. Ethylene-propylene reclaimed rubber has high temperature resistance, good aging resistance and plasticity. The combination of ethylene propylene rubber and ethylene propylene reclaimed rubber produces rubber shock absorbers, which can improve the processing technology, improve product performance, and reduce production costs. When designing the formula, use fast pressure furnace black or general furnace black to focus on improving the reinforcement of the rubber. performance.


The production of rubber shock absorbers with reclaimed rubber can not only reduce the amount of raw rubber used, reduce costs, but also ensure the shock absorption performance of the product, improve the processing technology, and improve the anti-aging performance of the product. In actual production, it is necessary to choose Stable quality reclaimed rubber, and through reasonable formula matching to produce more cost-effective products.

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