Are there any advantages in the application of air spring isolators?

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2021-02-21 00:00

With the development of science and technology, the application of vibration isolators has become more and more extensive, and will be used in all walks of life. Vibration isolator is an elastic element that connects equipment and foundation, and is used to reduce and eliminate the vibration force transmitted from the equipment to the foundation and the vibration transmitted from the foundation to the equipment.


The air spring isolator is an elastic element that uses the reaction force of the compressed air in the air chamber as the elastic restoring force. The stiffness of the vibration isolator is not only related to the air pressure and molecular motion process, but also related to the effective volume and effective pressure area of ​​the air chamber. Therefore, the stiffness characteristics of various air spring isolators are very different.


The natural frequency of air spring isolators is low, which is an effective technical method to solve the problem of low-frequency vibration isolators for rotating machinery. The air spring is an elastic element that uses the reaction force of the compressed air inside the rubber airbag as the elastic restoring force. The air spring has non-linear characteristics, and the characteristic curve can be designed into an ideal shape. The air spring has the advantages of light weight, small inner hair, high-frequency vibration and good dust-proof and noise-reduction capabilities


The air spring isolator is an elastic component composed of an air chamber, a rubber elastic diaphragm and a support plate. It is a kind of air-inflated sealed container, which uses changes in the air to achieve the purpose of dust prevention.


The air spring isolator has a lower natural frequency (2.6~5.3Hz) and a higher damping ratio (0.06~0.08), so the dustproof efficiency is higher, it can withstand load changes, and the natural frequency of the system is basically unchanged, so it has Variable stiffness characteristics, so there is no need to over-consider the center of gravity of the equipment when designing the vibration isolation device. The load-bearing capacity is large and the weight is relatively light.


Air spring vibration isolators have excellent performance such as vibration isolation frequency (generally less than 2Hz), damping performance, and adjustable performance parameters (the load size and vibration isolation height can be adjusted by changing the air pressure in the capsule). It has been used in precision instruments and precision Machinery, vehicle suspension and stamping equipment, and some foreign military ships also use bladder air springs for vibration isolation and shock configuration of main mechanical equipment. The performance parameters of vibration isolation devices are mainly stiffness, damping, strength and so on. Rigidity and damping determine the seismic performance, and strength determines the rated load capacity and load limit. The acquisition of these parameters is the key to the study of dust-proof characteristics and correct use.


In general, spring vibration isolators are commonly used steel vibration isolators. Its advantages are: high static pressure, low natural frequency, and good low-frequency vibration isolation performance; (2) can withstand oil, water, etc. erosion; (3) ) The temperature change does not affect the performance; it will not age and creep.

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