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High damping shock absorber In order to meet the needs of users for random vibration and harsh environment requirements, our company digests and absorbs foreign shock absorption technology, researches and develops a new generation of high damping shock absorbers, which are all made of metal rubber materials. Manufacturing, corrosion resistance, radiation resistance, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, fatigue resistance, damp heat resistance, organic solution resistance, salt spray resistance, and mildew resistance; non-linear characteristics, good impact resistance, large damping in the resonance area, The damping equipment safely passes through the resonance zone; the damping zone has small damping and has a good damping effect; the working frequency range is wide; vibration isolation in any direction can be achieved. High-damping shock absorber A shock absorber that meets the requirements of modern warfare, and its product quality and technical indicators have reached the leading domestic level. It is widely used in the shock absorption and buffer system of GPS navigation system, north finder, gyroscope, electronic compass, electronic countermeasure equipment, electronic communication equipment, aerospace, aviation, ships, tanks, vehicles and other equipment. The company can develop, design, and produce shock absorbers with different loads, different installation dimensions and special requirements according to user requirements. The company provides free technical consultation on shock absorption, shock isolation, buffering, and damping. The shock absorber can be installed in any direction.

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