GBJ-LD type large displacement groove back vibration isolator

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2019-06-11 00:00

1. GBJ-LD type large displacement slot type back vibration isolator; the characteristics of this vibration isolator are: a, low natural frequency, fn ≤5HZ; b. The horizontal displacement can reach 6.5mm (usually the maximum horizontal displacement is 3 ~4mm); c. With damping compensation function; d. The volume is smaller than similar products. 2. GWF-ML type waterproof and sand-proof fully sealed vibration isolator; in addition to mechanical protection of electronic equipment, this vibration isolator can prevent the respiration of sealed electronic equipment due to temperature differences, and the inhalation of moist air will cause condensation to the equipment. hurt. At present, there is no such vibration isolator in China. The successful development of this type of vibration isolator improves the weather resistance of electronic equipment. It can be applied to electronic equipment in desert and marine environments. The characteristics of the vibration isolator are: a. Low natural frequency, fn ≤7HZ; b. Horizontal limit displacement ≥6.0mm, vertical displacement 8~10mm; c. Vibration transmission rate ηv≤1.5; ⑷ Impact transmission rate ηsh≤0.6 3. GQJ-J-×× type vibration isolator for crystal oscillator; This isolator is mainly used for primary or secondary vibration isolation and buffering of crystal oscillators in electronic equipment, and its environmental conditions are fighter planes. The characteristics of the vibration isolator are: a. Nominal load ≤ 0.3kg; b. Natural frequency fnx=18Hz; fny=32Hz; fnz=38Hz; c. Limit displacement: 3mm in the x direction; 4mm in the z direction; d. Dimensions: According to user requirements; e. Vibration transmission rate ≤ 3; f. In addition to the requirements of GJB150, the use environment should also refer to related standards such as aviation standards (HB). 4. JKG type accurate positioning and fast switching vibration isolation system. a. The azimuth repeat positioning accuracy is 3′; b. After locking, load 500Nm torque laterally, and the swing angle of the horizontal plane of the turntable is 2”; c. The conversion time between locked (working) and vibration isolation (transportation) states is 3 minutes, on the premise of guaranteeing the index The number of repeated operations is 5000 times; d. The total load capacity of the vibration isolation system is 700~3000kg; e. The vibration isolator is easy to disassemble during transportation and working status conversion.

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