How to install rubber shock absorbers in general?

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2021-01-19 00:00

1. The plane layout of the rubber shock absorber can be arranged in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction, and the damping elements should be arranged symmetrically according to the central axis of the pump unit.

2. When the vibration damping element of the unit adopts six support points, four are arranged at the four corners of the inert block or section steel frame, and two are arranged on the long side line. Adjust the position to make the compression deformation of the damping element as consistent as possible.

3. When installing rubber shock absorbers or dampers for vibration reduction of horizontal water pump units, there is no need to glue or fix the rubber shock absorbers and dampers with the ground, inert blocks or steel frame.

4. When the vertical water pump unit is equipped with a rubber shock absorber to reduce the vibration, the steel frame should be installed under the base of the water pump unit and the anchor installation should be adopted. Bolts should be used between the steel frame and the rubber shock absorber. Anchor bolts are set on the ground or floor, and the rubber shock absorber is fixed on the ground or floor by the anchor bolts.

5. The sideline of the rubber shock absorber shall not exceed the sideline of the inert block, and the supporting area of ​​the section steel frame shall not be less than the supporting area of ​​the top of the damping element.

6. The rubber shock absorber is arranged in a single layer. When the frequency ratio cannot meet the requirements, it can be arranged in multiple layers in series, but the number of layers of the shock absorber cannot exceed five layers. The type, number of pieces, area and rubber hardness of each layer of rubber vibration isolation pads arranged in series should be exactly the same.

7. The pad and the steel plate are bonded with an adhesive. The plane size of the galvanized steel plate should be 10 mm larger than the two ends of the rubber shock absorber. The rubber shock absorbers attached to the upper and lower layers of the galvanized steel plate should be staggered.

8. It should be checked in time before construction and installation, and the static compression deformation of the damping element shall not exceed the allowable value limit during installation.

9. When installing the pump unit, the supporting ground should be level and have sufficient bearing capacity.

10. Avoid contact with acid, alkali or organic solvents of the vibration damping components of the unit.

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