Types of rubber shock absorbers

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2021-01-04 00:00

As a widely used shock-absorbing component, rubber shock absorbers are currently used in various machinery, automobiles, railway locomotives, water vehicles, aircraft and other aircraft and other fields. Generally, rubber is used where shock absorption and isolation are required. Shock absorber.


The reason why rubber shock absorbers are widely used is inseparable from the following characteristics of rubber:

1) Rubber has high elasticity and viscoelasticity;

2) The elastic deformation of rubber is large, and the elastic modulus is small;

3) The impact stiffness of rubber> dynamic stiffness> static stiffness, which is beneficial to reduce impact deformation and dynamic deformation.

4) The stress-strain curve is an elliptical hysteresis line whose area is equal to the vibration energy converted into heat in each vibration period, which can be adjusted by formula design;

5) Rubber is an incompressible material (Poisson's ratio is 0.5);

6) The shape of the rubber can be selected freely, and the hardness can be adjusted through the formulation design, which can meet the rigidity and strength requirements in different directions.

According to different conditions of use, rubber shock absorbers can be designed into many types. At present, there are mainly more than ten kinds of rubber shock absorbers.

1) JP type rubber shock absorption device suitable for electronic instruments and meters to protect the whole machine from vibration and impact.

2) JPZ type three-way iso-rigidity shock absorber mainly used for aerospace instruments.

3) JPZ type small aviation shock absorber used in various shock absorption and anti-impact devices in aerospace and navigation.

4) JG shear shock absorber for fans, air compressors, refrigerators, water pumps and precision instruments.

5) Z-type rubber equal-frequency shock absorbers for various machinery, instruments, machine tools, and equipment.

6) Type 6JX shock absorber for ships, vehicles and other power machinery.

7) 6WN type diesel locomotive shock absorber for internal combustion engine main engine.

8) "31" type rubber shock absorber for ship main engine and electronic scale.

9) SH-type double-plate shock absorber for marine machinery and equipment.

10) JV cylindrical spring shock absorber for various instruments.

11) YU-type cylindrical shock absorber used for ship main engine, auxiliary engine and other equipment.

12) WJ rubber shock absorber that can withstand loads in any direction with a wide range of uses.

13) YXN, XN rubber torsional vibration dampers for automobile engine crankshaft systems.

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