Cabinet vibration reduction system manufacturers: What are the effects of the cabinet vibration reduction system?

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2020-10-20 00:00

Those who have studied physics should understand that bombshells can perform simple harmonic motions, digest and absorb the vibrational kinetic energy according to bombshells, and then slowly release the vibrational kinetic energy according to the shock absorber, convert the mechanical kinetic energy into kinetic energy, and reduce the vibration of mechanical equipment. Maintenance of mechanical equipment suffers from vibration damage and the law of conservation of energy.

In addition to the application of the cabinet vibration reduction system in industrial production, the most common part of the application is the car. The suspension system software of the car is composed of springs and shock absorbers. The cabinet vibration reduction system manufacturers give the ground to the feet of the car. Large energy is converted into small kinetic energy, and then this energy is converted into several shock waves. If the cabinet vibration damping system of the car is broken, although initially walking on the swaying road, it will not feel that much, but it will The shock absorber causes harm. If the car does not have the cabinet vibration damping system, the comfort will be greatly reduced, and it will continue to endanger the tire's ability to grip the ground, thereby endangering the car's braking system.


In fact, cabinet vibration damping system manufacturers also have applications in our daily lives. The Simmons mattress that everyone sleeps on is applied to cabinet vibration damping system manufacturers. The purpose is to better make customers feel more comfortable when sleeping. I feel that the mattress can be made softer, the comfort of daily life will be improved, and the daily life will be warmer to release pressure; cabinet vibration damping system manufacturers are also very common in the application of household appliances. In general, in electrical appliances The cabinet vibration reduction system in the product is used to reduce external vibration, reduce the damage of the internal original of the household appliance to the minimum level, and improve the service life of the household appliance. In simple terms, it has two functions. One is to maintain the electronic components. Device, the second is to reduce the damage to the cpu caused by co-shock in the air.

The cabinet vibration reduction system is not only widely used in large and medium-sized industrial production natural environments, but also widely used in everyone's daily life. It can not only improve everyone's work and living environment, but also provide maintenance for products related to daily life. , Improve the life of electronic products, make our daily life more comfortable and convenient.

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