The functional difference between shock absorber and spring

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2020-11-12 00:00

What is the relationship between shock absorber and spring? The relationship between spring and shock absorber is very delicate. The function of the spring is to cushion the impact of the ground; the function of the shock absorber is to weaken the back and forth vibration of the spring. In other words, there is a shock absorber to prevent the spring from bouncing too fast! The shock absorber cannot exist independently, and the spring also needs to be able to limit the energy of its elasticity. Therefore, both are indispensable.


The functional difference between shock absorber and spring:


Shock absorbers and springs are very different in appearance and can be distinguished, but what is most likely to cause conceptual confusion and misunderstanding is the function of the two. The spring is an energy storage element and has a buffering effect. The shock absorber is a kind of energy dissipating element, which has a shock absorption effect.


Due to the uneven road surface, cars driving on the road will cause the wheels to jump up and down. The process of jumping up is called compression stroke, and the process of jumping down is called extension stroke. Assume that the design position is regarded as the static equilibrium position.

During the compression stroke, the vertical vibration caused by the uneven road is transmitted to the spring through the tire, and the spring is compressed. At this time, the spring only temporarily stores vibration energy without consuming it. At the same time, the shock absorber also compressed. Because the internal valve system of the shock absorber has many shut-off holes, the shock absorber oil can convert mechanical energy into heat energy during the reciprocating motion and transfer it to the cylinder. The role of vibration reduction.


During the extension stroke, the spring changes from the compressed state to the extended state, which can also be called the restoring state. The spring will release the energy stored in the compression stroke during the recovery stroke, that is, the function of the spring is to delay the release of part of the mechanical vibration energy. At the same time, the shock absorber is also converted from compression to extension. In this process, the shock absorber still converts mechanical energy into heat energy and dissipates it outwards.


Therefore, it is obvious that the spring absorbs and stores vibration energy during the compression stroke, and releases vibration energy during the extension stroke. The shock absorber, regardless of the compression stroke or extension stroke, consumes vibration energy, which is usually called "vibration reduction".

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