Several major signs of shock absorber damage

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2020-11-14 00:00

1. The roll increases or even slips when turning


When the car turns, the roll of the body will greatly increase, and in severe cases, it will even skid. This is mainly because the resistance of the shock absorber is too small to effectively suppress the compression of the spring.


2. The shock absorber leaks


There is a sealing device inside the shock absorber to keep the suspension stable. The appearance of a normal shock absorber is dry and clean. If these seals are worn, the suspension will leak to the shock absorber.


3. Uneven tire wear


If the shock absorber fails, the tires will begin to wear unevenly, which will only make the driving experience more inconvenient and cause bumps. When a car crosses a bumpy road or speed bump, the wheels will make a "pop" noise, indicating that the shock absorber on the wheel is invalid or ineffective.


4. The braking distance is extended


A very obvious symptom of shock absorber failure is slow braking. When pressure is applied to the brake pedal, it takes a few seconds or longer for the brake system to respond.


5. The temperature of the shock absorber does not rise after driving on rough roads


After driving on a rough road for a while, feel the temperature of the shock absorber shell by hand. It should be hot under normal conditions. If the shock absorber shell is very cold, it means that the shock absorber is damaged.


6. Steering wheel vibration


There are many parts inside the shock absorber, such as piston seals and valves. When these parts wear out, fluid will flow out of the valve or seal, which will cause the steering wheel to vibrate. If you drive in potholes, rocky terrain or bumps, the vibration will become stronger.


7. The rebound effect of pressing the body is poor


When the car is stopped by pressing a corner of the body and releasing it, the body will rebound under the action of the spring. If the rebound is fast and stable, the shock absorber has good performance; if the shock absorber stops after several repetitions, it indicates that the resistance effect of the shock absorber is slightly poor.

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