Do you know that there are several types of structures for damping spring isolators?

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2020-12-02 00:00

Investigations show that vibration isolators are currently widely used. No matter what vibration isolators are, they are closely related to our lives and bring us convenience. Damping spring isolators are known as common shock absorbers in the industry, but do you know that there are several types of damping spring isolators? The editor will give you a detailed introduction below.

First, we learned about spring-type vibration isolators using a new method combining metal and rubber. The vibration isolator uses a larger outer diameter spring, so it can produce an excellent shock absorption effect and can be adjusted in height, which is especially suitable for combined air cabinets and pump sets.


   Secondly, we should start to understand the damped spring isolator, which has a low natural frequency and a wide load range. It is an ideal shock absorber to reduce the risk of vibration. It belongs to the large load damping shock absorber that can eliminate the increase of its inherent resonance amplitude.


   Finally, we learned about the damping type of vibration isolator, which is a kind of damping vibration isolator. The structure is simple and the installation is very convenient. In addition, the vibration isolation device can also adjust the height of the vibration isolation device by adjusting the nut. The diameter area is large, and no additional equipment is required to operate the equipment. Especially suitable for positive and negative vibration isolation of air conditioning units.


   Spring-type shock absorbers not only have the above classification, but the core part is spring, and there are many types, such as:


   The first category: The spring of the vibration isolator is a steel wire compression spring. Coil spring under axial pressure. Most of the cross-sections of the materials used are circular, which are also rectangular and multi-stranded. At a certain interval, there is a certain interval between the rings that compress them. When an external load is applied, it can shrink and deform and store deformation energy.


   The second category: The spring of the vibration isolator is made of rubber, which has the advantages of low heat generation, good recovery ability, stable mechanical performance, long life and low cost.


       The third category: the spring of the vibration isolator is a composite type. An elastomer composed of metal spirals and rubber. Metal and rubber combine the advantages of the car body and overcome their shortcomings. The shape and mechanical properties are stable, and it can withstand heavy loads and large deformations. It has the advantages of good dust and noise reduction, stable operation, and shortened resonance band time. Especially suitable for large-scale vibration equipment in mining, metallurgy, coal and other industries.


       The vibration isolator is elastic and porous, resistant to high and low temperature, large temperature difference, high vacuum, strong radiation and corrosive environment. It can meet the requirements of damping, vibration reduction, sealing, filtering, throttling, sound absorption, and noise reduction. It is the best substitute for other porous materials under special working conditions.

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